Dragon Age II set to include bonus DLC a la Mass Effect 2

Remember Mass Effect 2’s Cerberus Network? Think of it as a fancy way to get DLC. Also, think of it as Dragon Age II‘s system of acquiring DLC, as the upcoming game from BioWare is slated to have a bonus content delivery system of sorts.

“We haven’t announced what’s in it,” says executive producer Mark Darrah, “but it’ll definitely be something kind of in that Cerberus vein where there will be additional content.”

Darrah also promised that players can expect higher quality DLC over the first Dragon Age’s DLC, as it brought about a wave of complaints on recycled content and cramped scope.

For some icing on the cake, BioWare also promised free DLC to pre-orders, as doing so will upgrade the pre-order to the BioWare Signature Edition for free.