First half of fiscal year sees Nintendo’s first loss in 7 years

Nintendo actually lost money in the first half of this fiscal year, who’d have thunk it? The industry giant recorded a ¥2.01 billion ($24.5 million) net income deficit for the peroid ending September 30th 2010. This time last year they’d recorded a ¥69.5 billion ($854.5 million) profit, so they’ve basically lost peanuts (and it’s not often you can call $24.5 million “peanuts”).

It’s the first time the company’s lost money in this half in seven years.

Still, sales last year were a soaring ¥548.1 billion ($6.7 billion), which has fallen to ¥363.2 billion ($4.47 billion) this year. Looks like the Wii is (finally) starting to run out of steam.

DS hardware sales suffered the most, selling 6.69 million this year as opposed to 11.7 million last year. Software sales managed 54.8 million whereas last year they were are 71.2 million.

Moving onto the Wii, hardware dropped just a little less than a million down to 4.97 million from 5.75 million. Software fell too, 76.2 million down to 65.2 million. These are still crazy, crazy numbers despite the loss; doesn’t everyone on the planet have a DS by now?

Anyway, we doubt this is really troubling anyone at the big N; the 3DS is hitting early next year and is already looking to be a hit. Nintendo should be back in black soon enough.