Layoffs in “seasonal roll-offs” at EA

Numerous sites are reporting that Electronic Arts have made staffing adjustments as part of “seasonal roll-offs,” something that at this point can be seen as a pattern that hits the developer and publisher on a yearly basis considering the 600 layoffs made in October 2008 and the 1500 last November. However, at the time of writing, the numbers this year seem to be far smaller, landing at around 100.

The studios affected are said to be EA Black Box and Vancouver-based EA Canada, which together have worked on the Skate, Need for Speed and Sims franchises among others. According to George Broussard of 3D Realms, “EA Canada lays off 100+. Rumors swirl about global EA layoff in double digit range.”

The company’s corporate communication spokesperson Jeff Brown said, “as you know, seasonal roll-offs that follow game launches are common and vital to maintaining a healthy business. Because so many of our games ship in the holiday quarter, the team size adjustments tend to follow in the same timeframe. However, EA is growing and several of our studios are looking to hire talented people.”

The teams working on the delayed NBA Elite 11 and Skate 3 are said to have been hit the hardest. More info will undoubtedly surface during the company’s quarterly investor’s call, which is this November 2nd.