Scott Henson appointed head of Rare

Former Xbox manager Scott Henson, who’s been at Microsoft for 16 years and involved in all things Xbox (software and hardware) including Xbox Live, Xbox 360, Kinect and even the original Xbox, has been appointed to head UK-based developer Rare, effective immediately.

“The reason I’m so excited is that both Rare and I have a great history of innovation and creating experiences that are breakthrough experiences that reach millions of people,” said Henson when interviewed about the entire transition.

“The timing is actually perfect,” added Henson. “It’s all those things coming together at a time when Kinect is about to launch with an excellent launch title in Kinect Sports which is poised to do very, very well. I think the combination is extremely powerful.”

Kinect launches on November 4th in NA and on the 10th in EU, with Kinect Sports alongside it as one of the 17 titles that will be available form the get-go.