Enslaved DLC detailed and priced

The presentation, great voice acting and impressive visuals that can be experienced in Enslaved: Odyssey of the West sure contributed to the game’s high scores, which is why we’re glad we’ve gotten some details of the upcoming DLC for it named Pigsy’s Perfect 10.

For those of you who played the game, Pigsy is a non-playable side character who’s everything but in this DLC. He’s virtually a lone man trying to build the perfect woman out of spare parts he finds in the junkyard, which we wish him good luck with. He’s not entirely alone though as his hovering little sidekick Truffles accompanies him wherever he goes.

As far as gameplay goes, it’ll be more reserved, more stealthy, more “I have a sniper rifle and I like it” kind of deal. You’ll obviously be equipped with more than that, like a hookshot, grenades and other stuff that might be useful in a world like this. For a little hint on the story behind the DLC, check out the trailer above.

The DLC will also enable the game to run in 3D on both 3D-ready TVs as well as non-ready ones through TriOviz’s “INFICOLOR 3D” glasses.

There’s no date set for its release, but it’ll cost you either 800 Microsoft Points or $9.99 once it launches.