Expect “something totally different” from Gaijin Games next

Gaijin Games, known for their work on the Bit.Trip franchise, has “something totally different” in store.

During a recent interview, CEO Alex Neuse said, “I think after the Bit.Trip series is complete you’re going to see something totally different from us,” adding that “we definitely aren’t a retro studio, we don’t only make retro games, we don’t only make rhythm/music games. It just so happens that’s the first thing we did.”

Expressed Neuse, “we’re going to try to branch out a little bit and flex our creative and business muscle a little bit and do something a little bit more ambitious than the stuff we’ve done so far.”

The developer has already been tied to having 3DS development kits in the house as they expressed not too long ago that that was in fact true. “[Gaijin Games] just recently got our 3DS dev kit, and we’re working on a 3DS project,” Neuse said. “But we’re not quite ready to say exactly what it is yet. It will be a Gaijin awesome game.”

It would be fair to assume that this “totally different” game or experience would be the 3DS project Neuse was talking about. Using an extra dimension would in fact be very different, but part of us want to believe we’re talking two games here. After all, we love games and the more there are of them, the happier we get.