Keiji Inafune waves goodbye to Capcom

We’ve heard a lot from Keiji Inafune recently; he’s been chatting about the decline of the Japanese gaming industry and even how he hates his own job. It doesn’t come as too much of a surprise then that the Capcom developer announced his resignation from the company today.

That’s not to say he left in anger, not at all. In fact, his blog post announcing his departure talked about how he was “in love” with the company, “probably more than anyone else”.

Inafune leaves behind him a 23-year history with the publisher where he’s gone from character designer to head of Research & Development. He’s going at the end of this month because he feels like he has nowhere else to go in the company after climbing so high.

What does it mean for the Japanese industry when one of its leading figures – who has already talked about its decline – bows out?