Killzone 3 Special Edition announced

It was bound to appear sooner or later. Another special edition is joining the list, with Killzone 3 being the latest game to receive the treatment.

With it, you get; the customary artbook featuring artwork and conceptual art of the Killzone universe; a 6,5″ action figure with multiple articulation points; bonus behind-the-scenes video content; a super voucher giving you access to all weapons and abilities during the first 24 hours of online gaming as well as earning double XP, a Retro Map Pack featuring two popular multiplayer maps from Killzone 2 and the Killzone 3 soundtrack alongside a dynamic theme for your PS3; but the crème de la crème is without a doubt the Helghast helmet in which all the aforementioned comes in.

All of this will set you back $130 bucks, which is double the game’s value. And let us confuse you just a little bit more; depending on where you pre-order the game – if you do – you’ll get the following:

• Guerrilla Pack (GameStop) – The Retro Map Pack and the 24 hours of access to all weapons and abilities. No double XP.
• Fast Starter Pack (Best Buy) – The Retro Map Pack and 24 hours of double XP. No extra guns and abilities for you though.
• Unlock and Load Pack (Amazon) – The Retro Map Pack and three “unlock points” for spending on weapons or abilities. No full load-out nor double XP.
• Retro Map Pack (everywhere else) – The Retro Map Pack and the Killzone 3 dynamic theme.

Oh, and don’t forget the already announced Limited and Collector’s Editions.

Killzone 3 is out exclusively for the PS3 in February 2011.