MAG Escalation DLC hits November 2nd

In an update on the PlayStation.Blog, community manager of Zipper Interactive Jeremy Dunham informed that the Escalation DLC for their massive online shooter MAG will be released onto the PlayStation Store on November 2nd for the small price of $9.99 (US).

As informed by Dunham, the MAG 2.0 patch has been available since late September, but the DLC has remained restrained. But come November 2nd, it’ll roam free and not only that, Zipper is coming with some great deals in celebration of its release.

In addition to Escalation – a mode based on getting as many points as possible in order to win the map – you can also purchase the Interdiction game mode, which sports 128 players and 16 APCs at once trying to gain control of three crucial locations in a capture the flag sort of gameplay. Normally, it goes for $9.99 as well, but will be lowered to $4.99.

If you’re completely new to the game, then you probably want to do what we usually do on these occasions and go for broke by purchasing the MAG Starter Kit which includes both DLCs as well as a range of little digital goodies such as a 30-day trial for MAG character slots B and C, six official MAG PS3 avatars that sport Raven, SVER, and Valor characters and badges, and three dynamic PS3 themes (one for each PMC).

November will be a busy, busy month.