More Demon’s Souls on the way? “One day” says SCEJ

For a game that’s so incredibly niche, Demon’s Souls has been an absolute hit. It’s made US publisher Atlus a stack of sales and gathered high praise from critics; all of which has left fans waiting on sequel news. Surprisingly, what we’ve heard so far doesn’t hold much hope for a second game. SCEJ’s Takeshi Kajii recently restored some of that hope however when speaking to The Guardian.

“At the moment, my answer is ‘no sequel!’,” Kaiji began. “However, we have been encouraged by all the players, and this title is so well supported, and besides we like this title so much.” Right now developer From Software is at work on a 360/PS3 game currently called Project Dark, so it would be a while before we heard anything about a Souls sequel.

“Well, this is my own feeling, but I think one day we could bring you another Demon’s Souls.”

Project Dark may well be a spiritual successor anyway, but we want a true entry in the franchise. Demon’s Souls was a brilliant RPG and we’re not ready to say goodbye to it yet.