Scribblenauts dev moves onto Hybrid for XBLA

We’ve known for over a year that Scribblenauts developer 5th Cell has been working on an Xbox Live Arcade game and now we finally know just what that game is. Turns out they’re developing a 3rd person shooter named Hybrid. It’s set to feature two factions: Paladin and Variant who are at war with each other.

Other trickles of plot points from the game’s site are pretty vague. Some journal entries from soldiers offer insights like this: “They look at you, glassy eyed like they don’t know what you’re going to do to ‘em. We just passed them by. Our Captain is pretty sure we’ve recruited all the able-bodied survivors in this city. Now it’s just a matter of kicking the Variants out.”

There’s a teaser there too, that might suggest the Paladin side is the heroes side, although it’s really only a guess until the devs show us more. The game’s set to release in 2011.