The “Classic Bond” in Blood Stone developer diary

In order to make a Bond game, you have to understand the cultural aspect of what Bond is all about, something Bizarre is doing with James Bond 007: Blood Stone judging by not only the newest developer diary embedded above, but pretty much every bit of the game they’ve shown so far.

It’s all about the glamour, the music, the exotic locations, the fast cars and hectic and explosive action sequences that make Bond, James Bond. And, if you spare yourself two minutes and watch the video, you will see that the game has the potential of being one of the best Bond games ever made. We’ve certainly got high hopes for it.

James Bond 007: Blood Stone is set to hit PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC shelves on November 2nd (NA) and 5th (EU), which happens to coincide with the Wii-exclusive remake of GoldenEye 007.