Giveaway / Medal of Honor x2 + $10 off

Boot up, shades on and stop shaving those beards ’cause the lack of it won’t win you any Medal of Honor!

Twitter, Facebook… listen up: courtesy of Direct2Drive, we’re looking to get rid of not one, but two digital copies of Medal of Honor, the million-and-then-some-selling FPS from Danger Close and DICE.

As always, there’s one unbendable, unbreakable rule: Follow us on Twitter and/or ‘Like’ our yet-to-make-an-impact Facebook page and you’re in. Already doing either of those? Or both? Then your mere presence makes you eligible for grabbing the grand prize. And, to be perfectly clear, we’ll randomly pick one lucky winner from each of our social presence.

Unfortunately, there is one little catch with this particular giveaway: D2D is only available in the US and throughout Europe which means that in order to claim your prize, you’ll have to be living in either one.

We’ll contact the winners on Monday morning.

Before you go though: those who just don’t believe in luck can use “TVGB” as a promo code (US only) when buying the game from D2D here; that’ll get you a cool $10 discount.