John Carmack announces Mutant Bash TV for iPhone

In case you were still wondering, id Software co-founder John Carmack is still a computer genius, as evidenced by his recent guest post on Bethesda’s official blog. The entry mostly deals with the technical aspect of porting the id Tech engine over to iOS, touching on subjects like how to deal with dynamic memory restrictions, working with the megatexture content pipeline on smaller devices, and how he could probably write the entire codebase for porting the game to iOS himself in four months.

Somewhere in the mash of words only readable by computer scientists, Carmack announced Mutant Bash TV, an iOS app running on the id Tech engine that was previewed at this years QuakeCon. There aren’t a lot of specifics about the gameplay and story focus of the game at this time, but Carmack claims: “This is the perfect setup for a quintessential first person shooter game play experience — you pick your targets, aim your shots, time your reloads, dodge the bad guys, and try and make it through to the end of the level with a better score than last time. Beyond basic survival, there are pickups, head shots, and hit streak multipliers to add more options to the gameplay, and there is a broad range of skill levels available from keep-hitting-fire-and-you-should-make-it to almost-impossible.”

So, yeah, none of that seems very innovative, but damn will it look nice.

The game is set to be downloadable (at a hefty 700-or-so megs) by the end of November at a price of either $.99 or $1.99.