Sony’s Playstation division reports profits

Sony’s had a bit of a struggle making money off the PlayStation name lately. They kicked things off with a far-too-expensive console that, already, was sold at a loss, and a remarkably lackluster library. On the portable side, it was just getting demolished in the states by Nintendo’s cheaper offering. In short, they couldn’t compete. Jump forward a few years and things are looking better. The consoles are reasonably priced, the online service is vastly improved with still more room to grow, and the games library is something to be proud of. And now they have money to show for it. In their recent financial report for Q2 of the fiscal year, Sony’s PlayStation division had earned a total ¥6.9bn ($86m) in profit. Same time last year had the division reporting a ¥59bn ($730m) loss.

The profits come despite steady decline in unit sales, for which the PSP is the main culprit, whose numbers were equalled by the PS2. Its game sales saw a similar drop, going from 13 to 11 million sold. PS3 saw all increases, though, going from 3.2 to 3.5 million systems sold. Games saw sales rise from 23.9 to 35.3 million units. Not too bad.

Sony as a whole had a similar story, reporting overall profits from a loss the year before. It’s good news for Sony, which will hopefully lead to more good news for us gamers too.