25M users log one billion hours a month on Xbox Live

Microsoft’s Xbox Live has now been around for 8 years, ever since the first Xbox, and has at a healthy and steadily pace grown to be something we today could never imagine being without. Tons of features have been added since its infancy and with the release of Kinect, we’re sure we’ll see a considerable amount of them added besides the one’s already announced.

A noteworthy detail taken from a statistical blowout released by Microsoft informed us about what is said in the title of this entry: to date, 25 million users worldwide have attached their consoles to the popular online service and are all of them combined logging over one billion hours a month connected to Xbox Live, which is about 40 hours a month per user. That probably includes any idle time ticking when having the console on and connected without even realizing it, but still, those are pretty hefty and impressive numbers. And considering that Microsoft is set to introduce the service to Brazil, Chile, Colombia, the Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Poland, Russia, and South Africa – a total of 9 countries – next month, those numbers are just likely to increase even further.

Microsoft also let it be known that since the console’s launch in December 2005, the company has sold over 44 million units worldwide.

All in all, Microsoft’s Xbox division is looking strong and healthy, and will be even more so with the launch of Kinect next week which is estimated by the company itself and analysts alike to sell around 3 million units this holiday, a number that is well on its way to being met given the “sold out” signs plastered all over the place, assuming Microsoft can keep up.