Lionhead sets up Fable III reporting page

Right now, there is only one thing more effective than a locked door keeping me inside a room: Fable III. So far, so awesome, but no game is perfect. Especially one with a previous history of bugs errors and glitches.

Lionhead have anticipated any technical troubles with their new release and have gone to the extent of setting up a web page where disgruntled players can let the team know of any bugs they encounter. The development team will get every single report and will work on the problems for future patches.

On the Lionhead blog, Sam Van Tilburgh said: “Please be aware we are monitoring this on a daily basis and the test, development and community teams meet on a regular basis to try and repro issues that come up, so the development team can fix it for the next update we’ll release.”

With the newest title in the popular series, Fable III has already got into number one in the UK charts this week. Not bad for a game famous for its technical flaws.