Ubisoft acquires Quazal Technologies

To a majority of gamers, Quazal Technologies might not ring a single bell, but the fact is that said company is the multiplayer tech provider for Ubisoft’s upcoming Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood. Combining the positive impressions of the game’s multiplayer with the now apparent fact that Ubisoft seems quite pleased with the work Quazal has done with it, it comes as no surprise the publisher giant has acquired the Montreal-based middleware company altogether.

The terms of acquisition have not been disclosed, although Ubisoft did note that even though the company now owns Quazal, the services provided will still remain open to the rest of the industry for licensing purposes. Said services are Rendez-Vous and Net-Z, the former specializing in tailored community-based features and the latter being a multiplayer middleware platform for genres ranging from RTS to FPS.

Quazal tech has been featured in games from THQ, Codemasters, Capcom and Harmonix.