First Fable III add-ons out this month

The first bits of downloadable goods for Fable III have been announced, and there’s a few.

First up is The Understone Quest Pack that’ll be available for 400 Microsoft Points. The add-on consists of three new quests: “The Voice” allows players to decide the fate of Understone, “Shooting Range” brings in-game prizes, and “The Wheel of Misfortune” offers arena-based challenges.

In addition, there’s the Exclusive Hair Pack (160 MS Points), which offers different hair styles to choose from, and the 5 Star Dog Potion (80 MS Points) that gives players’ canine companions “the full 5-star ability for digging, diving and tracking down hidden chests.”

Finally, there’s the Reaver Industries Hero Outfit (160 MS Points) and a colorful Dye Pack (80 MS Points).

All the add-ons will arrive simultaneously on November 23rd.