Server switch the reason behind Hot Pursuit’s limited time demo

The Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 360/PS3 demo was only available for two weeks and was pulled last Monday, over a week before the game’s launch in North America tomorrow and Friday in Europe. Ever wonder why?

According to Criterion creative man Craig Sullivan, it’s all about offering a good and proper service to those who actually buy the racer this week.

“The reason is that we switched the servers over to now support the main game,” Sullivan explained on the latest Major Nelson podcast (via). “We wanted to put it out there and see what people liked and what people didn’t like.”

“It’s the case that we believe that when we ship a game and people buy it, we have to provide a service, and party of that service is making sure that whenever you’re playing online, or whenever you’re playing with the cable in the back of the machine and you’re connected through Autolog, that everything works really well.

“It’s our job to ensure the quality of that service. We put the demo out there to give people a taste of what’s to come and get people’s feedback, but also to just make sure the systems are really solid.”

And taste they did; the demo was announced to be the fastest downloaded Need for Speed demo ever with more than 2 million speed devils giving it a go.