Hot Pursuit gets a PC patch next week

Those holding out on an update for the PC version of Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit won’t have to wait much longer; a patch that works out a few bugs is to be released next week.

This should stop the game from crashing on menus, replace broken weather effects and even add in D-BOX motion chair support among other things. Full list of fixes below.

  • Multi-Core CPUs: We’ve now located and fixed the problem that players were reporting where the game would crash on Car Select, Map Screen, Loading screen or just at the start of an event. Interestingly we’re actually intrigued that the game works at all after our investigations with the problem actually manifesting itself in code that we shipped as part of Burnout Paradise.
  • Missing Rain / Snow and Corona effects: This have been fixed
  • CL Eye Driver crashing the game on startup: Fixed.
  • Corrupted Dreamshots in non 16:9 aspect ratios: Fixed.
  • We’ve also added D-BOX motion chair support.
  • No exact date for next week, but it’s coming.