Battlefield 3 at GDC 2011

Battlefield 3 is a bit of an odd one; it hasn’t been officially announced or revealed, but with beta entry included in Medal of Honor and chatter from developer DICE we know 100% that it’s coming. We know a reveal is not far off but we’re getting a liiiiiittle bit impatient now. We could have to wait until next year if a recent GDC 2011 schedule announcement is anything to go by.

Kenny Magnusson, a senior lighting and VFX artist at EA DICE will be holding a session on the game at the event. The blurb for the talk reads: “This session presents a detailed overview of the new lighting system implemented in DICE’s Frostbite 2 engine and how it enables us to stretch the boundaries of lighting in BATTLEFIELD 3 with its highly dynamic, varied and destructible environments.

“BATTLEFIELD 3 goes beyond the lighting limitations found in our previous battlefield games, while avoiding costly and static prebaked lighting without compromising quality.

“We discuss the technical implementation of the art direction in BATTLEFIELD 3, the workflows we created for it as well as how all the individual lighting components fit together: deferred rendering, HDR, dynamic radiosity and particle lighting.”

Could we see a full reveal before the next GDC or will the project be kept under wraps during the event?