Europe getting Killzone 3 Collector’s Editions too

There’s a pretty nifty looking edition of Killzone 3 heading to the US for the game’s February launch. Sadly folks in Europe sometimes have to miss out on these packages, but this isn’t the case this time. Guerrilla’s shooter sequel will come to the EU in three different editions: standard, collector’s, and Helghast.

The Helghast edition is pretty similar to the special edition coming to US, only with a shiny steelbook case. That does indeed mean you can get your hands on the super-awesome Helghast helmet replica as well as an art book, vouchers for a PSN themeĀ and soundtrack, an action figure, and some multiplayer bonuses. The collector’s edition packs in the steelbook case and the vouchers, but you’ll have to pre-order to get in on those special multiplayer bits and bobs, one pack per retailer.

Steelbooks kill it for me a bit, but there’s no denying there’s plenty of cool swag packed into these sets.