Deus Ex: Human Revolution plays the special edition, pre-order bonus game

Time for more special edition news; Deus Ex: Human Revolution is getting an ‘Augmented Edition’ on top of some pre-order bonuses to reward early adopters.

That special edition of the game packs in a 40-page artbook, a motion graphic novel, special packaging, and a bonus DVD with a making of, trailers and soundtrack. All this and the game will cost you $70. You’ll get even more than that if you pre-order through Gamestop though. Get your copy through them and you’ll receive an ‘Explosive Mission Pack’ with a new mission and some advanced gadgets. The new mission apparently features a cameo appearance from a character in the original Deus Ex, so there’s something for dedicated fans here.

Other retailers offer the ‘Tactical Enhancement Pack’ which includes a new shotgun and sniper rifle plus a heap of extra cash. Not bad.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution launches next year.