Stuart Black joins City Interactive, ‘story driven WWII shooter’ in the works

Veteran game designer Stuart Black, the man behind Black, Criterion’s 2006 blow-em-up shooter, has found a new home since leaving Codemasters in July. Gamasutra reports that the outspoken designer will join a London-based development studio at City Interactive as creative director.

Black will head up the creation of, in his own words, “an exciting new story-driven WWII shooter that will emphasize high adventure in a genre that’s become bogged down in reverence and historical accuracy.”

You may remember Black as not exactly being one for realistic portrayals in the shooter genre. Back in April, Black told realism a thing or two in reference to its inclusion in his former (and now delayed) FPS project, Bodycount.  “F*ck realism,” he stated. “I don’t want Bodycount to reflect the reality that I’m in. I’ve got enough of that around me. I want to go somewhere else – I want to be lifted up, to forget about my troubles, and escape.”

No further details to report as of yet on the new project. City Interactive is reportedly licensing CryEngine 3 technology, the graphics engine from Crytek, for two unnamed first-person shooter titles over the next few years. This could be one of said shooters, but we’ll have to wait it out to be sure.