EA says market is split 40/60 on digital/packaged goods, wants similar statistics in-house

You could probably tell based on the fact that seemingly every game has it these days, but DLC is big business. Publishing giant EA are just one of many companies that are already heavily invested in providing post-launch content, and they plan to keep pushing on the digital front.

EA’s chief financial officer Eric Brown claimed that the industry currently enjoys a 40/60 split on digital vs discs-based content. That’s quite a big figure and one they hope to “closely match” with their own in the future. That means you can expect a whole lot of digital goods with the EA label stuck on it.

“Overall we’re growing our digital business by more than 30 per cent per annum,” he said. β€œIn the first half of fiscal 11 we grew our total digital revenue by 35 per cent year over year. We’re actually taking share in digital revenue over all.”