GT5 tops Japanese charts, boosts PS3 sales

Polyphony Digital’s 6-year-in-development Gran Turismo 5 has, despite its hype, its build-up and all its bragging, “only” managed to reach a metascore of 85. It’s not actually that bad, but we’re pretty sure some people in high places had other ideas.

Nevertheless, GT5 had an impressive start in Japanese territory, outdoing all competitors by a mile and then some, instantly taking pole position. With sales of over 400k (430,707 to be exact), the “real racing simulator” crushed all resistance by over 300k units sold.

In addition, when Sony’s head of UK PR David Wilson said the game would be “a true driver of new console purchases,”  he might have had a point because as GT5 was released, PlayStation 3 sales in the country more than doubled, going from 29,058 units to 68,840.

We’re still working on our review of the game, which requires a bit more playing than than originally thought to accurately form an opinion on it. But expect it soon.