Kane & Lynch ‘will not disappear’

Eidos and IO are not giving up on Kane and Lynch; the duo will reunite for another game. Despite this year’s Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days scoring only slightly above the 2007 original (62-67 out of 100 depending on the platform, according to Metacritic), the series “will not disappear,” Eidos life president Ian Livingstone assures.

“We haven’t made any announcements about Kane & Lynch going forward, but we all know that Kane and Lynch are two amazing characters who have a lot of brand equity,” he tells Eurogamer. “People like those guys, so they’re not going to disappear.”

Despite the critical response, Dog Days may have sold at least somewhat well for publisher Square Enix. Looking at the UK charts, it debuted at #1 as it released back in August. On the other hand, data cruncher VGChartz doesn’t paint a pretty picture.

Kane & Lynch 2 clearly had a Marmite effect on people,” Livingstone adds. “You either loved it or hated it. Some people liked the juddering camera, home video style. Others absolutely hated it. Some loved the characters. Some didn’t like the characters.

“But it’s artistic, thrill-a-minute instant action stuff. I thought it was a great game, but I can understand people might not have liked it.”