There’s “definitely” going to be an MMA 2, says EA producer

The beating EA Sports MMA took from early sluggish sales and analyst “DOA” predictions caused many to wonder whether it could be EA’s first and last foray in the mixed martial arts genre. Not so, according Jeff Ecker, EA Sports producer.

Kotaku reports that during a podcast with Figure Four Daily, an MMA fan site, Ecker promised “there is definitely going to be an EA Sports MMA 2.” He added that it’s not a question of if, but when.

Picking that “when” will be crucial for EA. THQ made the decision in August to move UFC Undisputed to a bi-annual cycle after UFC Undisputed 2010 suffered similar lower-than expected sales. With an alternating yearly schedule separating EA’s MMA and Fight Night franchises, a heavyweight showdown between THQ’s UFC and EA’s MMA could be in the cards for 2012.

In the meantime, EA is hoping MMA will “find an audience of fight fans over the holidays.” At least it continues to have a decent critical score of approximately 80/100 in its corner.