Apple to have a “relatively good chance to succeed” if entering console market, says EA

Breaking into the console market at this point would be futile what with Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony having a firm grip of it with their respective consoles. However, if EA vice president Eric Soderlund is to be believed, there is room for yet another, but only if it came from Apple, a point which does make sense given the immense success of the App Store combined with what some consider to already be Apple consoles: the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

“If it was anyone but Apple, I’d say that’s going to be very hard,” said Soderlund. “I still think it’s going to be extremely hard for them but they’ve surprised many people before. Look at what they did with the iPhone, right? They are a truly brilliant company so I would give them a relatively good chance to succeed if they tried.”

With the range of iPod devices and iPhone owning  50%+ marketshare for portable game devices in the U.S. and worldwide and with over 1.5 billion downloads of games and entertainment titles, as Apple claims, we’d be prepared to agree with Soderlund. But then again, do we need yet another console?