Back to the Future spreads out over 5 episodes, first 4 out by April

Telltale Games have captured the excitement of every hoverboard and Delorean fan with their announcement of Back to the Future The Game. Finally, after months of waiting they’ve revealed the first trailer for the game. Watching it warms the heart of this Marty McFly wannabe, making me want to pull on my orange puffer jacket and start talking about the earth’s gravitational pull.

It also reveals the first four episode’s titles and the months they’ll be arriving. The first entitled ‘It’s About Time’ is coming later this very month, followed by ‘Get Tannent’, ‘Citizen Brown’, and ‘Double Visions’ which are coming February, March and April respectively. The date for the fifth and final episode, ‘Outatime’ is yet to be revealed.

The game’s coming to PS3, PC and iPad. We want to set the date to later in 2011 and hit 88mph to play them all now but we’ll have to wait.