Customization will cost you in APB: Reloaded

Should you have missed it, RealTime Worlds’ APB was scooped up by GamersFirst last month which means we’re looking at a revival of the MMO-ish title next year, apparently renamed to APB: Reloaded. As it’s reborn, the title will undergo extensive changes, the biggest being the free-to-play concept it’s adapting. But one of the greatest things about APB was the level of customization available, how much you could make your character your very own, something GamersFirst won’t be changing except for the addition of “basic” and “premium” models, outlined by the company’s boss Bjorn Book-Larsson in one of his blog entries.

“We really mean it when we say that we want free players to also enjoy the experience, while giving everyone great perks for becoming premium players,” said Book-Larsson. “The perks usually involve things like making larger clans (like in WarRock), creating and controlling clans, or otherwise giving you various unique options and rewards (though they have to be meaningful in order to make sense).”He further explains: “instead of limiting what you can customize as a free player, you will be allowed to customize almost anything, but you will not be able to store (and share) complex customizations above a certain complexity level unless you are a Premium player AT THE TIME OF CUSTOMIZATION. This has several benefits, first it would limit the amount of content pushed to everyone else in the game from free players (which would reduce the amount of loading required), but it would also let you be Premium for just one month, create a lot of customizations that month, and then use those items later on (even if your Premium membership has lapsed).”

“We presume that some incredibly talented artists will squeeze the living daylights out of the Basic complexity cap no matter what we set this at,” he added, but that those who are “really focused on their characters will clearly be very compelled to get Premium status.”

How about it? Is this the road that has to be taken in order to restore and improve the game?