Ignition co-founder left company in September

Ajay Chada, one of the co-founders of Ignition Entertainment (Arc Rise Fantasia, Muramusa: The Demon Blade) is no longer with the company – and hasn’t been for a few months. According to his LinkedIn profile, Chada – who helped form the company in 2002 which was later bought out by UTV Software Communications in 2007 – left Ignition in September of this year.

There’s no direct reason as to why the leave, though from Sep 2010 – Oct 2010 he is listed as working as a “Consultant in Computer/Social/Digital Games” where he leaves this comment: “In 2010, I have made the decision to offer my successful experience, my connections and relationships, and my knowledge of the gaming industry available to other developers and publishers, via my consulting service.”

He now works for The Visionaire Group (TVG), a marketing firm that appears to not be directly linked to the videogame industry (not to be confused with TVGB, your expert source for the latest in videogame news).