Junction Point on Epic Mickey: “We made the best game we could”

Junction Point’s lead designer Paul Weaver has said that based on the game they’ve made, it is all it can be. “We made the best game we could,” he said, adding that players will see the “soul” of the game, hopeful it’ll be enough to drive sales of the recently released Epic Mickey and beat other core titles.

“Obviously I hope it’s very well received in the marketplace and with that in mind we hope for good sales. That’s really going to be for the public to decide, for us we made the best game we could,” said Weaver. “I think it comes down to belief at the end of the day and we’ve invested a huge amount of time and passion into the game,” he added, and that he does “believe you can tell when a game has a soul, when people went in and made the very best game they could. I know we did at Junction Point.”

With a debut at #11 on the UK Wii charts last week, failing to even make it into the top 40 in the all-formats chart and with a metascore currently standing at 78, it’s been a rough start, no doubt. Maybe Move and Kinect ports might be a way to change that?