Second patch for Hot Pursuit PC incoming

Criterion is not settling for a broken game, no matter what bugs are screwing it up, which is why the Burnout-developer is already issuing a second patch (here’s the first one) for Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit on PC to further clear the game from graphical inaccuracies and crashes.

  • Groundcover Graphical Errors: When alt-tabbing, the groundcover would start to corrupt, causing random tree images to appear all over the screen. There were 2 issues, the first was an alt-tab bug, the second was a code bug inside the groundcover generator loops that caused the optimiser to be more aggressive than it should have been. Both have been fixed.
  • Controller Configurations: On some machines controller configurations that have been set up for wheels, pads, etc are not saving correctly to a configuration file. This is now fixed.
  • Rare crash when entering the Career map screen: The game sometimes crashes when entering the Career map screen quickly after booting the game.
  • Rare crash when streaming graphical data: Fixed.
  • Steering response reported as having large dead zone: There was a deadzone. This is now fixed.
  • Player car engine volume too low

Unfortunately, while the update details what the patch is addressing, we have no release date for it yet, but should expect it to be available soon.

Also, there seems to be an AMD/ATI related issue, which according to Criterion boils down to the following: “There remains an outstanding crash affecting players with AMD / ATI Radeon graphics cards if they have over-written the AA settings in the control centre. This occurs as you pick an event in the map screen prior to the car select. Thankfully our friends at AMD/ATI have informed us that this will be fixed in the next release of AMD’s drivers (10.12) around the second week of December.”