EA plans to slash game output in 2011

In a world that videogame fans complain is filled with shovelware, it’s refreshing to hear that giant publisher Electronic Arts is cutting back on the amount of games they put out in a year; EA plans to release between 20 and 30 titles in fiscal 2011 after blessing us with 35 games in 2010 and over 50 in 2009.

EA CEO John Riccitiello’s strategy could be as much about cutting costs (which is not always good) as it is about producing fewer, higher quality titles (which is always good). To help prove that Riccitiello is serious about this more responsible approach, he’s already restrained himself from purchasing Rock Band developer Harmonix. If he went through with that move, it would make EA even more invested in the Rock Band franchise and liable to pump out shelf-filling sequels that no one really needed. Instead, we have an EA that is ready to concentrate more on creating the best games possible. Sweetness.