The MMO Round-Up / Dec 5

The MMO Round-up captures the genre’s most notable happenings of the week in easy to consume, bite-sized portions.

EA confirmed this week that Star Wars: The Old Republic won’t be out before April 2011.

The delay is now over as Pirates of the Burning Sea went free-to-play this past week.

Square Enix explained faction levels and sever balancing for Final Fantasy XIV in their recent dev Q&A.

If you purchase Everquest II: Destiny of the Velious you’ll gain access to special rewards like a new vampire race and snow wolf mount as part of a promotion.

CABAL Online is getting amped up for its upcoming Episode V: Mercenaries expansion, what about you?

Hi-Rez Studios dropped the 1.39 patch for Global Agenda.

According to SOE President John Smedley, Everquest II isn’t World of Warcraft and could get its own cataclysm of sorts, but again, isn’t World of Warcraft.

Blizzard’s Rob Pardo talked of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm and the challenges of changing a content heavy MMO.

If you had an Aion account and let it lapse, you’ve probably noticed the email telling you it’s been activated again. Not to worry, it’s legit as NCSoft is re-upping your account for free until Dec 13.

Star Trek Online’s Dan Stahl played 30 questions in this month’s edition of Ask Cryptic.

Nexon pushed Episode 4: King of the Gnolls live to Vindictus’ servers this week.

gPotato announced this week that Allods Online: Volume 3 Fury of War will go live in December.

RIFT went into beta this week and with it came an epic beta launch trailer.

RuneScape brought players some Christmas cheer with the release of its Dec update.

Final Fantasy XIV showed off its first Notorious Monster called Deadeyes this week.

Details on the 1.7.4 patch for Fallen Earth emerged this week which will bring changes to crafting, NPC AI and to critical damage modifiers.

Issue 19: Alpha Strike went live this week for City of Heroes.

The first phase of EVE Online’s expansion Incursion went out this week with an extensive patch notes list.

Masthead released a trailer this week for the sci-fi MMO Earthrise in preparation for the imminent beta release.