Giveaway / Any T-shirt from SplitReason

Man, so close to the holidays makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside despite the snowy, freezing hell outside our doors. Yes, we realize the irony of that sentence. Anyway, we only just announced the latest assassin that would be joining the brotherhood, when we’ve got more stuff to give away, and this one is pretty sweet.

In true Christmas spirit, and courtesy of geeky gear-provider SplitReason, you’ll have the chance to pick out any given t-shirt from their online store to be shipped to you, assuming you’re the winner of this giveaway, of course. The prize will be shipped anywhere in the world, so every soul across the globe is invited to participate.

Rules. As always, there are rules. Follow us on Twitter and retweet this post using the button below – or – ‘like’ our Facebook page and then retweet this post, again, by using the button below (just be sure to include your FB handle if you do it this way).

The winner will be contacted on Friday, which is when the giveaway ends. Now, who wants a free t-shirt?