Codemasters files suit over Jumpgate delays

Trouble’s brewing over Jumpgate Evolution. Originally expected to be completed by early 2009, NetDevil delayed the spacey MMO last May to ensure it meets the developer’s quality requirements. “Nowadays, Massively Multiplayer Online Games have a highly competitive market and a less-than-stellar release can be the end of a title before it starts,” president Scott Brown said back then.

Not much news since; two (quite promising) E3 trailers is all we’ve had to go on.

We don’t mind the wait, though after investing in the title, Codemasters understandably getting a bit antsy. The result: the filing of a civil complaint against NetDevil and parent Gazillion with the US Federal Court.

The publisher says it gave the studio close to $1.4 million for development as well as set up servers, a website, a community team etc. for the European version of the game, and is seeking to be compensated.

In short, Codemasters wants its money back in exchange for a rescission of its agreement with the developer.

How, or if at all, the move affects the game’s development is anyone’s guess, much like its release date.