Rumor: PSP2 powerful enough to handle PS3 games

Sony’s next handheld will be a graphical beast, the rumor mill has it.

According to an IGN source (described as “someone with direct hands-on experience” with the device), the PSP2 has enough roar under the hood to produce visuals comparable to early PlayStation 3 titles. That’s the likes of the first Resistance and MotorStorm then, we’re guessing.

Exact specs aren’t revealed, but the processor is said to be “just over half as powerful” as the PS3’s.

It’s also said that Sony may aim to allow developers to create cross-play of sorts between the PS3 and PSP2. Start a game on one console and finish on the other if you so wish; rendering a PS3 game on handheld’s much smaller screen wouldn’t require as much horsepower as playing it in 1080p.

Sounds clever, though best keep that pinch of salt handy for now. Just in case.