Epic Mickey “misunderstood,” says Spector

In a recent interview, the man behind Epic Mickey, Warren Spector, defended the dark, twisted action/adventure game due to reviewers having “misunderstood” the game, specifically its camera issues, which ultimately gave Disney’s rodent mascot’s comeback a lower score that it might have deserved, currently standing at 77 on Metacritic.

“First, there has never been a game that I couldn’t break if you give it to me for 30 seconds,” said Spector. “Third-person camera is way harder than I ever imagined it could be. It is the hardest problem in video game development. Everybody gets it wrong. It’s just a question of how close to right do you get it.”

Spector insisted on making it perfectly clear that Epic Mickey is neither a platformer nor an action/adventure game, which made it difficult for the team at Junction Point Studios to accurately work around to creating the perfect camera angles for it. “I will go to my grave, imperfect as it is, proud as hell of my camera team,” added Spector.

“If reviewers want to give us a hard time about it because they’re misunderstanding the game we made, it’s not for me to tell them that they’re wrong, absolutely not. But I wish people would get it out of their head that we made a ‘Mario’ competitor, because we didn’t.”

While Spector makes a point, reviewers will never score a game based on the intentions of the developer – however good they may be – but rather the execution of the elements involved. As mentioned earlier, Epic Mickey‘s metascore lies at 77 (with 38 reviews accounted for), which raises the question: would it have been different if Junction Point had aimed for one specific genre rather than fuse two of them together? Would the camera have been better positioned, thus providing gamers with a greater experience which could lead to better scores? We’ll never know…