New deets on Resident Evil’s 3DS games drop

We may still be waiting on that Resident Evil 6 announcement but the 3DS is getting two games in the series to help tide us over in the meantime. Both Resident Evil: Revelations and Resident Evil: Mercenaries are heading to Nintendo’s new handheld and both look mighty promising.

We’re no longer in the dark about them either as Famitsu has revealed a slew of details for both titles. First off is Mercenaries, which takes the popular series survival mini-game and makes it portable along with two player co-op. The most striking new feature for this title? Aiming is first-person. You’ll still walk around with the over-the-shoulder camera that Resident Evil 4 popularized, but when it comes to shooting you’ll actually be looking down the sights of your gun this time. We already knew that you could move while aiming too, but we’re not sure how it controls just yet.

Both Chris and Claire Redfield will be playable, along with RE4‘s Jack Krauser and mystery man Hunk. Character customisation lets you upgrade weapons and slotting skills. It’s at 70% completion, so expect to see this one first.

If you’re looking for a single-player story, Resident Evil: Revelations is your man. While gameplay also supports the over-the-shoulder camera it’s also said to be a throw back to the survival horror focus of the original Resi games. Puzzles and exploration are also in, and 3D will play a big part in all three aspects. You’ll even be able to adjust the camera in this one.

The game’s only 20% complete so don’t expect it for a good while past the 3DS launch. It looks like Nintendo are getting two very solid entries in the series though.