Battlefield 1943 has raked in $16 mil in profit for EA

Remember earlier when EA said that multiplayer was an integral part of game sales? Well, I’m guessing part of that reasoning comes from the fact that Battlefield 1943, their little $15 downloadable title that had three maps to play on, has netted around $16 million in profit.

Battlefield 1943 was what EA called an “experiment” to see how well a download-only game would fare against tough retail competition. It succeeded admirably, according to CFO Eric Brown who said that the game, which cost “in the single-digit millions” to make, netted $16 million after Sony and Microsoft took their respective cuts.

In the near future, EA is set to release its Vietnam expansion for Battlefield: Bad Company 2, which is a similar principle of multiplayer-only downloadable maps, but in this case you need a full copy of the retail game to play it. Judging from 1943’s astounding sales, Vietnam might be a cash cow (which is a sentence I thought I’d never say).