Epic: Bulletstorm will “take advantage of what the PS3 is capable of”

There’s been a lot of talk about BioShock Infinite working as well on PS3 as it does on 360 recently. That’s mainly because of some shoddy PS3 ports in the last few years mixed with the fact that Irrational Games haven’t done a PS3 game before. The same holds true for Epic, who have focused on the Xbox exclusive series Gears of War this generation apart from a quick stop on PS3 for a round of Unreal Tournament 3. Will Epic/People Can Fly’s upcoming Bulletstorm suffer on PS3?

Epic man Cliff Bleszinski doesn’t seem to think so. When asked if the PS3 version would be up to standard, he replied: “When you see the game on PS3, you’ll see the textures look crisp, the depth of field looks great, the particles look amazing – it will very much take advantage of what the PS3 is capable of.”

PS3 owners can breathe easy on this one. Bulletstorm hits in February 2011.