Mass Effect 3 reveal coming Saturday

It seems all but inevitable now; according to Joystiq’s “trusted source,” BioWare will indeed reveal Mass Effect 3 this Saturday evening during the 2010 Video Game Awards.

The site’s source says that the short-but-sweet teaser BioWare issued weeks ago is in fact for Mass Effect 3 proper, and not some series spin-off.

The major rumor circling the Internets is that the game will feature a franchise first: multiplayer. The source confirmed that Mass Effect 3 will feature multiplayer, but unfortunately wasn’t able┬áto confirm that multiplayer will be shown at this weekend’s show.

Whatever the case, answers will arrive this Saturday beginning at 8 p.m. EST on Spike TV. TVGB will have a VGA 2010 wrap-up post, complete with all the goings on of the show, arriving when the show wraps. Look for it!