More Drake’s Deception details sift through the sand, live demo next Monday

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception is official, and I imagine (based on personal experience) that most PlayStation fans have only just regained their sanity. So here’s a few more details to spoil you with from today’s formal press release.

Drake will – of course – have a few new moves on him this time around. He’ll be able to take on multiple enemies with his fists for example as well as contextual attacks.┬áPlus, there’s new platforming moves for when he needs to scramble up ruins.

We knew that online modes were returning but apparently the cinematic elements of the single-player game will be chucked in to make multiplayer a unique experience. We’re guessing that means mission based-modes and some more dynamic set pieces for maps.

‘High resolution stereoscopic 3D’ support is in, too.

You bet that you, us and the rest of the world will have their eyes on the VGA reveal trailer for this one, but if that isn’t enough then how about a live demo on Last Night with Jimmy Fallon next Monday? In the meantime the original teaser without the VGA prompts is below. Plus, some images await in the gallery here.