Bigpoint believes subscription games will make a comeback

As a videogame developer as well as owner of a gaming portal website, Bigpoint Games are more than qualified to talk about the future of MMOs and their subscription services. That’s why it’s interesting to hear chairman Simon Guild state that he believes the recent free-to-play trend doesn’t spell doom for subscription-based MMOs.

He explained at a videogame panel during the Evolve event in London: “We like free to play but we kind of think subscription will come back in some form. We didn’t like the idea of subscription as a barrier, but….we think subscriptions will come back in a strange and unusual way – other ways of payment, all we’re trying to do is reduce the barriers for people to buy our stuff.”

Subscription fees are just one way to profit from an MMO. There’s also things like micro-transactions and in-game advertising to consider: “We also stopped doing [in-game] advertising, and now we’re thinking of coming back to it. We had a company that pitched us $200 CPM – so we’re thinking a lot harder about that. We actually think the future will be a bigger mix of all of these things and it won’t just default to free to play. ”

Subscription fees have actually served as a barrier to countless gamers (such as myself) for a few years now. Is there an ideal solution that could keep them but bring money-saving players in too?