Giveaway / Tron Evolution (PS3/Xbox 360)

Oh wow, we have been spilling giveaways like the Titanic as of late and the band is still playing. Up for grabs this go ’round are two copies of Tron Evolution (courtesy of the social media gurus at Fanscape), the Disney game which precedes ‘Tron Legacy,’ the recent movie sequel to the original ‘Tron.’ Those looking to use their Move controllers to get into some 3D light-cycle action, our PlayStation 3 copy is just for you. There is also a Xbox 360 copy for those not really into wearing sunglasses at night while playing with a personal massager clone.

Our regular visitors should know that the rules of the game remain the same. For the new folks – welcome! – and those with short attention spans, here’s the breakdown of how easy we are to get along with. Head over to Twitter and follow us there, then use the button below to retweet this post. Don’t want to get a whole bunch of newsy updates from our Twitter feed? You really should, we don’t spam, but you can also get in on the giveaway action by going to our Facebook page and clicking the ‘like’ button, then coming back here and retweeting using the button below. Just make sure you include your Facebook name in the tweet.

Winners will be notified Friday, Dec. 17, so eyes on those messages. Good luck!