Australian R18+ classification ruling delayed

Roughly a week ago, the R18+ rating was close to getting passed in Australia. That meant that our friends down under wouldn’t have to suffer censored or banned games that didn’t fit under the country’s next highest rating, MA15+.

Unfortunately, the decision made in an Attorneys General meeting this Friday was to delay the ruling and frustrate Australia’s videogame community. Ron Curry, the CEO of Australia’s Interactive Games and Entertainment Association spoke for the country’s videogame fans when he said, “It’s disappointing that an adult rating for video games will be delayed once again despite mass support from the Australian community, whether it is from adult gamers who want the right to play games that appeal to them or parents who want clear guidelines for their children.”

It’s hard to see how delaying the R18+ rating helps anyone in this scenario. The reason the government gave for bringing up R18+ was because there was too much violence and other debauchery sneaking in under MA15+. So the way things are now, both adults who want to play “mature” games as well as parents who want to protect their children are being shortchanged. Hopefully this is not the end of R18+ in Australia.