PlayStation Home turns two, will have some new games

PlayStation Home, the free virtual society found on the PlayStation Network, has turned two, Sony’s announced. They boasted the many achievements and developments the service has gone through over those two years, including over 200 games, 600 community events, strong developer support, 60 spaces to visit, and a whole lot of virtual furniture.

To boot, they’re celebrating the two year anniversary by announcing some Home-exclusive games. Already available are Novus Prime, a multiplayer space shooter with co-op action, and irreverent carnival game-centric Midway 2.

Coming up next year is Jet Set Games’ Conspiracy. Little info is given on this title, other than being an espionage-themed puzzle/action game involving enemy corporations. Also next year is Sodium Two, a sequel to Outso’s vehicle combat-based Sodium One.

It’s cool that Sony is making PlayStation Home a sort of platform for small games like this, and hopefully something eye opening and great lands it a lot of attention. The community structure’s just waiting to be used in some awesome way. Maybe one of these games are the thing to do it. If not, well the service is only two years old; there’s learning still to be done…